Clutch 2 with Sling

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Gone the days of men are simple and predictable. In this new millennials, men’s are far more complicated and carry a lots things around. From Smartphone, cables, power bank , wallet , vape mods , car keys , home keys and more cables.

Although the list of things they carry is not as much as the women did, men found very difficult to find suitable and durable small bag to store them all.

Enter the clutch bag, hand carry without should strap that men find very easy to bring with them every single day. What is more interesting, these clutch bag is stylish and well suit with modern trends.

Our Leather Clutch Bag, combine practicality, design and trend in one package. Whether you bring it to kenduri khawin anak pak ngah , to annual dinner in 5 star hotels or your weekly local mamak session with your friends , you will find our leather clutch bag will complement you perfectly.

Made from Premium Genuine Leather – the toughest material known to man add class and prestige. The durability is well known with many years of utilization.

The best thing about Leather product is , the years add up to your usage will add more special character to leather finish that can’t be reproduce using modern material.

This Leather Clutch Bag Collection come in various sizes. Some are big, medium and small. Help yourself to find which one suit you.

Only you know what you need. We in another hand just make it better.
Price ? Take a look. Its unbelievable. Take it as simple contribution to all Cirgaro Apparel lover.

Ohh yeah All Cirgaro Leather Product pair up with high quality steel or brass zipper and accessories. No rust. Full Stop.