Kurta Bangsawan 2018 Light Green

RM30 RM139

This year’s Kurta Bangsawan features the same versatility and durability of its previous counterpart, but has been augmented using some slight improvements to ensure your satisfaction. Much like previous designs, the Kurta Bangsawan will always remain comfortable and keep you looking fashionable effortlessly, whilst highlighting your personality.

Some slight adjustments include the Mandarin Collar, which has been slightly elevated so that the masculine characteristics are highlighted. Until now, the Kurta Bangsawan remains the first suggested page on Google which makes it the most popular Kurta in Malaysia. With a wide range of colours to choose from, the Kurta Bangsawan can easily match your current wardrobe.

As mentioned before the versatility of the Kurta Bangsawan series carries on into this year’s version, so whether you need to attend a formal event at a five-star hotel or a casual stroll in the city with some friends, you can always rely on the Kurta Bangsawan to keep you looking stylish.


Premium features:

  • Unique, classic and durable 'Coconut Shell' button
  • Premium close stitching gap - Neat and strong
  • Bartack reinforced technology - increase durability
  • Easy care, less ironing
  • New and improved ready to wear size
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Export quality



A. Shoulder 17" 17.5" 18.5" 19.5" 20.5" 21.5" 21.5"
B. Chest  19" 20.5" 22" 22.5" 24" 25.5" 27"
C. Waist 17.5" 19.5" 20.5" 21" 22.5" 24" 25.5"
D. Hip 19.5" 21" 22.5" 24" 25.5" 27" 28.5"
E. Sleeve Length 23" 23.5" 24" 24.5" 24.5" 25" 25"
F. Shirt Length 29.5" 30" 30.5" 31" 31.5" 32" 32.5"
G. Neck  15" 16" 17" 17" 18" 18" 20"

 *Measured flat in inch except for neck full circumference measurement


General details (across all colours):

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