Queen Luxe Kurung Dusty Pink

RM70 RM289

The Kurung Queen Luxe is a modern bridal blouse by Cirgaro Apparel with a sophisticated twist. A dress sleeve decorated with handmade 3D flower decorative stitching and chunky beads making for a more fashionable look.

The slits of the dress fall to the knee covering the hips, coupled with the "umbrella flower" pieces on the skirt providing you with a gentle and classy style. Although classical designs are the main inspiration behind the Kurung Queen Luxe, we added a minimalistic modern twist. You can ensure yourself that no matter what occasion, the Kurung Queen Luxe will keep you looking simple and stylish.

Using Hybrita fabrics ensures that the colours are preserved, allowing you to wear them for a long time without worrying about colour fading. We come up with a special fabric floral design where from far it looks plain and simple, but when seen up close uncovers the beautiful floral design. Not only does the Kurung Queen Luxe look amazing, but the Hybrita fabrics provides for a more comfortable and silky experience.

The Kurung Queen Luxe is not your ordinary dress as it can be worn to multiple different events such as weddings, graduations, festivals, and even to work. The Kurung Queen Luxe is available in five different sizes ranging from XS - XL and also comes in ten different attractive colours. The Kurung Queen Luxe can be matched up with your partner’s Kurta King for a more impressive effect.



A. Shoulder 32cm 34cm 36cm 38cm 40cm
B. Bust 40cm 44cm 48cm 52cm 56cm
C. Waist 34cm 38cm 42cm 46cm 50cm
D. Hip 45cm 49cm 53cm 57cm 61cm
E. Sleeve Length 56cm 56cm 57cm 57cm 58cm
F. Top Length 92cm 92cm 93cm 93cm 94cm
G. Waist 26cm 30cm 32cm 34cm 36cm
H. Hip 44cm 48cm 52cm 56cm 60cm
I. Length 102cm 102cm 103cm 103cm 104cm

 *Measured flat in cm.


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