About Us

It's all started back at 2012 when I decided to resign my 9-6 day job to venture into a vape industry. Initially with one staff and RM5000 as a starting capital, we opened a vape shop at section 7 Shah Alam.

Alhamdullilah until now we already had over 100 reseller under us and 10,000 monthly vape customer coming to our vape shop.

Looking back on what we already achieved, CIRGARO is always in progressive shape and now it’s the time to move on with a new adventures.

Fashion industry is one of my ambition and with our years of experience dealing with thousands of male customers. We are fully aware of what Malaysian Male really want for them.

Together our team at cirgaro are very determine to produce the best quality product for you at the best price. After all we are also a user same like you. Both you and I together eat nasi everyday and live under the same sun and sky.

We hope our line of products suit you well.
Sincerely from our team at Cirgaro, thank you in advance for supporting us !

- Hafeez (founder)